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THE BRIEF                        

Redesign each application used by the field staff & team leads from the ground up to increase efficiency & productivity


A powerful, productive ecosystem for ACT field staff

An ecosystem of 6 different applications that enables seamless communication between the field force & their respective team leads.

Product Design

03 new applications

Research driven new apps for team leads

Data Visualisation

Reimagining team performance

New ways to track team's performance across different metrics

User Experience

Seamless Communication

Quick turnarounds, lesser friction for field staff & team leads


Consistent & Scalable

A design language which works across all platforms & applications

Immediate feedback and multiple iterations were the keys for the final result to be a resounding success amongst the ACT team leads.

Sarath PS

Sr UI Designer @Netbramha

Goal oriented dashboard for all the team leads

The dashboard was divided into clear sections which fulfilled different goals. We rethought navigational patterns to provide all necessary information to the user at all times.

High priority information in one glance
Netbramha design thinking
Colors and icons clearly denoting ticket type

Focus on the tickets at hand

Each ticket and lead card was carefully created to make sure it provided the necessary information without overwhelming the user.

Netbramha illustrations

All for one. One for all.

Netbramha motion & microinteraction

Providing an end to end solution to field officers

A single app for all the field officers with a simple switch to see the update as a ‘sales’, ‘deployment’ or ‘fault repair’ officer.

Convenience is the key

Every design aspect was carefully selected to maintain consistency across all the services and platfroms. Right from visual representations that tracked the performances of the field officers to colors that display different services of ACT’s entire workflow management.

Netbramha web design
Netbramha microsite design
Web design icons

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