Redesigning the NB Mascot

  • Netbramha Studios
  • September 29, 2015

When I joined NB in 2012, I was always tempted to change the NB mascot. Though the doodle used back then was good, it still didnt effectively communicate our brand. So we decided if at all we redesign it, it should be something that’s much much better. And not just for the sake of doing it.

Our Old Mascots

After a lot of thinking, we decided to get a new mascot in place. We wanted the new mascot to have the following traits

  1. Quirky – to represent that we are a fun loving bunch of young folks.
  2. Stylish – Unique and something that’ll represent your friendly neighbourhood designers.
  3. Memorable – We wanted our new mascot to be extended to all our collaterals and touch points, not just restrict with the web.

The Exploration

Here are the initial concepts we came up with.

Initial Concepts

Though we kind of liked a few ideas there, we werent convinced entirely. And here I did a few more. One of the inspirations on our moodboard were the “minions” and obviously I took it serious 😉 So we rejected this too.

Rejected Options

Hitting the right note

After many explorations and consuming a lot of lead, it all started falling in place

The excited beings
The different faces

And we finetuned them a bit and were used in our previous set of collaterals and Website. These were hand-drawn and scanned and traced in Illustrator. All vector beings…

The final ones that made it…

Our extended Family

We were pretty happy with what we had. And then we decided to put all expressions together for our tshirt Print. This was on a lazy Monday Afternoon when I didnt have much to do, was just creating a random doodle. And the magic happened.

They are everywhere now…
Happy people
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