Sequence Flow

  • Aashish Solanki
  • October 1, 2015

A sequence diagram is the best way to visualize and validate various real time scenarios for any kind of process. These can help to predict how a process will behave and to discover responsibilities

How to Use Sequence Diagrams?

  1. List out the Roles and Responsibilities of process.
  2. Connect appropriate responsibilities to the roles.
  3. Compare Responsibilities played by different roles.

We have taken a simple example of Sequence flow which happens in Temple. Roles have been divided into 3 different Titles.


Titles have been mapped to their respective responsibilities


With all responsibilities put together we were able to compare between roles and responsibilities.


Responsibilities have been divided into 2 categories. That is Consumer and Producer.


That gave us the clear picture of Interconnection between the roles and responsibilities.


Creating a graphical representation of the steps in a process is easy to understand and it gives us the better chances of improving the process.

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