User Onboarding - How they Work and Best Practices

User Onboarding - How they Work and Best Practices

Monthly Design Roundup: Sept 2016

User onboarding is the process that starts as someone presses the sign up button. It helps in successful onboarding of new users while adopting your product and as it gives a brief overview of the product, it helps in better engagement of the users. User onboarding is the first impression and it is very crucial to plan and analyze it properly. It probably makes no sense that you build something great and then find out that nobody knows how to use it.

In this blog, we will share links of some good resources to help you provide the best onboarding experience for the users.

01. An Intro to User On-boarding

The designers and developers who develop digital products have discovered, explored, and defined problems and best practices for a variety of digital experiences. But there’s an element of web and mobile app design that’s still in its (relative) infancy: user onboarding.

02. What are the Best Practices for User On-boarding?

User onboarding is one of the hottest topics on UX right now, and for good reason. The critical period immediately after a user trials or signs up for your product is your chance to make a first impression. The first-time user experience, as it is often called, is critical for preventing funnel dropouts.

03. Best practices to streamline user on-boarding

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This quote from Will Rogers is relevant for most things in life, but it is especially significant when introducing new products to a market. User onboarding is one of the most crucial and frustrating elements of any product launch. It is the first impression, and it needs to be planned and analyzed for future adoption and growth.

04. User onboarding best practices

Most apps have some semblance of onboarding since they don’t want to throw new users into the deep end of their product. But too often, the answers to users’ questions are buried in an IKEA-esque manual somewhere deep in the product rather than where (and when) users need them most. The effects are disastrous.

05. The Best and Worst Practices in User Onboarding

While the best onboarding processes are like smoothly paved trails, for many products they feel more like obstacle runs. Which are cool – as long as that’s what you signed up for. If you just want to get on track with the product, however, you’ll likely drop out of the process.

What are some of the best onboarding experiences you have been practising? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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