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Jigsaw Academy
Jigsaw Academy

They treated this engagement as if it were their own project and took pride in it.

Vishwa, Co-Founder - Enclouden
Education & Learning
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Deep domain knowledge that comes in handy when designing learner-centered modules that rank high in granularity, flexibility, engagement, and personalization.


Multi-mode Learning

Rich, user-centric learning modules manifested in the form of audios, visuals, AR/VR, spread seamlessly across varied platforms such as desktop, smartphones, and tabs.


Designs For Everyone

Implementing unified design solutions not just for the learning candidate but also for the instructors driving positive user experience.


Enhancing employability

End-to-end product design that starts from the learning and skill-acquirement stage and continues till job-seeking and employment stage, encompassing the entire gamut of learning experience.

Creat new product

Delightful user experience

Armed with deep user empathy, far-reaching expertise, and vast experience across multiple domains we create designs that don’t just work, but delight the users.

Creat new product

Multi-disciplinary approach

The synergy of researchers, designers, and project managers ensures that the final designs embody both - business goals and user satisfaction.