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Emaar had 5 different apps and multiple offline processes. We were asked to digitally transform the real estate giant and create one single app for a property owner.


Creating a scalable & modular design language

To bring the functionalities of multiple apps into one, a design language was created which worked across all scenarios.


New way of raising service requests

Using voice to raise a service request to align ourselves with the way people communicate.


5 apps to 1

Combined the functionalities of multiple apps into a one stop shop

Service Design

Digitizing at scale

Multiple services made fully digital to increase user convenience

User Experience

Seamless payments

A redesigned payment process from the ground up, prioritizing transparency and convenience

The move-in experience was a multi-step disconnected process for Emaar. We spoke to people, aligned departments and created a new experience that was fully digital.

Aniket Kumar

Sr UX Designer @Netbramha

Raising service requests - with voice

We aligned ourselves with the way people communicate and created a completely new way of raising service requests

Pay amount at your convenience
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Transparent & clear communication

Solving the biggest pain point - Payments

Emaar’s biggest problem was outstanding payments. Most customers were not given proper communication on pending payments, nor did they have an easy way to pay.

Augray app AR/XR design UI UX

Witness the magic

Design AR mobile app interface

You got to move-in, move-in

A first of its kind handover process was created to make what was a tedious task involving multiple physical visits into a seamless, digital and enjoyable experience.

Making real estate fun

With vibrant colours, a tone of voice that is witty and simple yet elegant typeface, Emaar One was the perfect mixture of sass and premium. Keeping with the same tone we created a set of custom illustrations that were informative, engaging but more importantly bought a smile to faces.

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