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The Google AI Trainer rates people on how closely they could mimic the shots their favourite cricketer played. We were asked to design & code the entire experience on the browser in 2 weeks.


A memorable experience which debuted during IPL

The AI trainer was set up in specific halls in stadiums around India where people could stand in front of the camera and play their favourite shots with the crowd cheering them on.


No learning curve

Encouraging people to learn while using the trainer reduced the learning curve drastically


Technology that wows

Proprietary tech that tracks the position of the user to deliver accurate results each time


Enjoyable and

A design language which could be adapted to any new feature

Motion & Microinteractions

A true “stadium”

With engaging motion and great sound design, the user can truly feel the tension & excitement of a stadium.

The key was to think of the entire experience. We had to educate the user while making sure they enjoy themselves & code this well.

Vijay Kumar

UI Developer @Netbramha

Learn on the go

Expecting huge queues of people to try the novel AI Trainer. We drastically reduced the learning curve by allowing each user 2 practice shots before the ultimate test.

Colorful gradient backgrounds to add vibrancy
Augray app digital avatar
A comparative view to encourage replay

Are you good enough?

Once the final shot is done the user gets his score, which tells him how accurately he could play the shot.

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The final shot!

Design AR mobile app interface

Do you have nerves of steel?

After 2 practice shots it’s time to test your skills. No excuses. No retakes. It’s the final shot.

Vibrant & Engaging

With bright neon lights and a vibrant colour palette we created an experience that is exciting.

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