Infosys Crafting a story towards a new digital horizon

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We designed a microsite to encourage top management globally to read a survey on digital disruption conducted by Infosys, and chose them as our partner for the future.

  • Front-end development
  • Design
  • Illustrations

Crafting a Story

We needed a story that was simple, powerful and most importantly relatable. We created an entire world within the oceans using ships and the challenges they face as metaphors for organizations today!

3 Muskiteers

Showcasing Three types of enterprise in form of different sailors

Our world

Creating a universe which lives and breathes

Navigating challenges

Rain, thunder or icebergs. Throw what you want at us

Future ready

Ingenious solutions for complex problems

Envisioning tomorrow

Building a world of the future

What went into creating the story

To tell a powerful story, the visual impact has to be on point. Our setting was the sea and the style of illustrations was a mix of realism and 2D.

Lights. Camera. Action.

We put together all the elements and came up with the final scenes to define the story. Our characters face challenges and obstacles as they navigate and finally triumph.

Setting the Journey Into motion