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THE BRIEF                        

Infosys created a report on digital transformation. We were asked to design a solution that encouraged decision makers to download the report and partner with Infosys.


A report told as a story

Storytelling through vivid illustrations & seamless animations led to a massive increase in downloads of the report for Infosys.

User experience

Seamless user interface

Created a unique storyline on types of enterprises imagined as different types of sailors.


Higher user outreach

Use of relatable icons and illustrations enabled higher user outreach.

Design Thinking

Increased user retention

Use of ships, oceans, & sailing as metaphors led to higher user engagement.

Design Thinking

Surge in leads generated

Innovative use of icons and illustrations helped garner higher lead numbers.

What went into creating the story?

  • 01 Powerful use of metaphors
  • 02 Challenges to keep the user engaged
  • 03 Triumph in the end

Every good story has a beginning to set the tone, an obstacle filled middle and ultimately victory at the end. It was the same for this story.

Pragati Singh

UI Designer @Netbramha

Setting the journey into motion

The Infosys report classified CEOs into 3 types - the visionary, the explorer and the watcher. Our story mimicked the reports findings showcasing how the visionary was the most successful in reaching the digital horizon.

Vivid & symbolic illustrations
Netbramha design thinking
Modern ecofriendly buildings in the digital future

Unique style of illustrations

For a website like this the illustrations were the central element. We used a mix of 2D and realism to create illustrations that left a lasting impact.

Netbramha illustrations

Making it responsive

Netbramha motion & microinteraction

The ultimate challenge

We created scenes which worked equally well on desktop as well as mobile, to provide a seamless and engaging experience.

Giving life to the story

We stuck to the brand colours while experimenting with bold fonts for the headlines. The tone of voice throughout the story was straightforward & formal, keeping the tone of the report in mind. A great example of how to use constraints as an advantage.

Netbramha web design
Netbramha microsite design
Web design icons

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