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They are a studio that exercises a high level of professionalism and design expertise.

Akash S, Founder - WeddingBox
Media & Entertainment
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Vernacular Reach

Working with one of India’s leading vernacular news company, we established our forte in creating designs that cater to native-language speaking demographic with focus on deep market penetration.


Delightful Interactions

Popping colors, deeply immersive interfaces,and brilliant illustrations in-sync with the energy of the industry and high quality interactions driving user engagement off the ceiling.


Multiplatform Channels

Lively interfaces with consistent design and feel across multiple channels - kiosk, tablets, mobiles, desktop, allowing seamless transition and increased user stickiness.


New Engagement Models

Rugged strategic thinking involved in designing platforms complete with clear navigation paths & concise information hierarchy leading to higher user engagement and surge in revenues.

Creat new product

Delightful user experience

Armed with deep user empathy, far-reaching expertise, and vast experience across multiple domains we create designs that don’t just work, but delight the users.

Creat new product

Multi-disciplinary approach

The synergy of researchers, designers, and project managers ensures that the final designs embody both - business goals and user satisfaction.