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Mswipe is one of India's leading payment solutions providers. We were asked to design the apps which went hand in hand with their terminals.


Happy users, happier clients!

A seamless design that led to a drastic increase in app adoption. The app was well received among the merchants with positive reviews on play store and app store and increased downloads.

User Experience

Payments made

No-nonsense design that enabled superfast payment acceptance

User interface

Best of both

We created a unique custom design which was a mix of dark and light modes

User Experience

Universal sign up

A reimagined sign up experience for seamless sign up for all types of merchants

Motion & microinteractions


Delightful microinteractions introduced at just the right moments to educate

Simpler transactions

  • 01 Keeping users informed
  • 02 Clearly adding details
  • 03 Guided payment process

The card transaction flow was very diconnected in Mswipe app. We wanted to keep the user informed at each step, & hence transparency was our prime focus during the redesign.

Pragati Singh

UI Designer @Netbramha

All inclusive sign up

We created a unique sign up experience that enabled all types of merchants - partnerships, proprietaries and more to sign up with a few simple steps. The flow was optimised to enable existing merchants to migrate to the new app with no hassle.

Icons and colors to represent the type and status of transactions
Augray app digital avatar
Clear visual hierarchy

What's new?

All recent transactions performed by the merchant were displayed on the homepage to keep the user informed. We also enabled quick actions from these cards to enable the merchant to dig deeper.

Augray app AR/XR design UI UX

3 steps to payment

Design AR mobile app interface

The unified payment process

We designed the interface of the consistent payment process for all types of transactions such that every physical step was clearly represented on the screen.

Making transactions engaging

Along with the mix of light and dark themes, right information & data the creativity reflected throught unique set of icons & illustrations.

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UI UX for augmented reality app

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