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Redesigned popular Kannada newspaper with a mobile first approach enabling reach to a larger demographic.


News delivered at lightning speed

By taking Prajavani from print format to mobile screens, we fast tracked the speed at which Prajavani reported news to its readers.

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User experience

Design for comfort

Build a structure that blends with common mobile interfaces.

User interface

Easy navigation

Simple and straightforward navigation enhancing ease of use.

Design Thinking

Unobtrusive ads

Uninterrupted reading made possible by simple & unobtrusive ad placement.

User experience

Optimal reading experience

Diligent use of white space creates a relaxed reading ambience.

Responsible & responsive at the same time

  • 01 Clear, readable type.
  • 02 Varied layouts for visual breaks
  • 03 Responsive and organised

What we really aimed at was not just bringing Prajavani from print to screen but also keep users engaged, informed, and delighted.

Raaz Das

Sr UI Designer @Netbramha

Driving up revenue

The key to placing ads is to make them as unobtrusive as possible to the user. We analysed how a user scans a webpage and plugged in the ads accordingly.

Optimal font size for easy readability
Mobile App UI design
Breaking monotony with varied layouts

Importance of #ffffff space

We experimented with various grids and layouts to come up with the perfect amount of spacing to let the content breathe and enhance usability.

Online news  App UI design

Focus on tier 2 cities

Online news app interface design

Designing for the masses

With simple and understandable navigation patterns, a clear information hierarchy and a clutter free visual design we wanted the new Prajavani site to be focused on one goal - bringing the news to the masses

Keeping Karnataka close to heart

Every design aspect was carefully selected to represent the essence of Karnataka. Right from illustrations that depict the local culture to colours that project it’s grandeur.

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Prajavani app design Netbramha
Netbramha design thinking

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