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Design a web app to empower the user to manage ATMs and workforce activities related to it with focus on ticket management and activity tracking.


Increased productivity through powerful insights

A powerful ecosystem that tracks health of all ATMs based on their KPIs along with the activities and performance of the workforce to generate insights


Calendar based
tracking system

Tracking activities scheduled at each ATM in a calendar view and getting details of every task


Icons that appeal
to the user

Strategic use of icons that are intuitive and self explanatory which go hand in hand with the dark theme



Designated separate modules for each parameter to reduce the complexity and ensuring seamless experience

User Interface

that speak

A dark theme backing the bright, bold, insightful graphs. What else would you need?

The challenge was to cover every detail and highlight all the insights. We created separate modules for covering every aspect and used a unique design launguage to come up with an end to end solution.

Aditya Navale

UX Designer @ Netbramha

The map that does it all

We made the user more accountable as he could now nudge any workforce that was underperforming and could track every activity and ATM in a map view. All icons used in the map were designed in an extremely simple and clear way.

Quick health status of each ATM
Augray app digital avatar
Colours and icons to highlight asset breakdown details

Keeping the
ATM healthy

Our cards were designed to showcase maximum information without overwhelming the user. Through inconography and subtle visual hints we were able to provide a thorough assessment of the ATM's health with an option to dig deeper.


Tickets - Now in your control

Everything you need to manage and track tickets

A ticket management system that covers insights, ticket reassigment, status, health, severity, SLA, trends and more. Phew. That's a lot.

Consistent Professionalism

The tone of voice in every screen is professional and formal. Every design aspect was carefully crafted to maintain consistency in visuals across all the features to keep the user engaged but more importantly provide him with the information he needed.

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