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Transform the existing web app into a simple-to-use and highly trustworthy product, with an intuitive interface, a simplified workflow and accurate data representation.


A robust product with improved information accessibility

A web app that helps publishers curate ads on their platform and manage the ad revenue generated, all in one place.



Eliminating steps and entities to ensure a seamless user journey

User Experience

User centered

Introducing plenty of new approaches to reduce the time taken for any task


Powerful features
and tools

Specially designed tools to assist the user in process optimization and decision making

Design language

Consistent &

A design language which could be adapted to any new feature

Multiple stakeholder workshops helped us come up with powerful insights and almost 1000 use-cases. This was critical in creating a seamless and intuitive ad management workflow for the end-user.

Hari Hara Subramaniam

UX Designer @ Netbramha

Complete campaign timeline in a single view

The timeline showcased the entire history of a particular advertiser, which included the status, delivery and time of their past and live campaigns along with the schedule of upcoming campaigns.

Font weight used to focus on important information
Augray app digital avatar
Use of colours to highlight issues and potential risk

Clear and accurate visual representation

Representing the delivey progress of a campaign, combined with the quality dimension was a UI challenge which required numerous iterations to achieve the right combination of look and function.


Bringing order to chaos

Designated action and information areas with powerful tools

From tools like the Sticky Header and Approval queue, built to optimize the workflow of end-users to well-organized data tables, all the data is showcased in a logically defined layout.

Clarity is priority

For a information heavy product like Voiro, clear representation of numericals and information was key. To achieve this, a blend of dark and light theme was used. The darker theme was used to showcase information, while the lighter theme was used to represent actionable items and data tables.

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