On-Demand Webinar

Service Design Blueprint for Enterprises 2023

For Entrepreneurs | Business Leaders | CEOs, CTOs, CXOs | Service Designers | Managers

Anyone who has managed a large team or organization knows how taxing service design implementation can be.

Complex structures, involvement of multiple stakeholders, & myriad reasons make it difficult to apply the right service design thinking for an organization.

To help you cut through the complexity & build smooth, streamline processes, Aashish Solanki brings you his 20+ years of experience as a service designer in the form of a short & crisp but high-value on-demand webinar on Service Design Thinking (& doing!) 

This webinar will help you 
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Break organisational silos 
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Apply service design thinking across teams
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Apply service design best practices for services, process, culture & more
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Deliver exceptional customer experience 
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