TVS Creon Electric bike

TVS was launching a new electric bike TVS Creon. We were asked to design the vehicle dashboard interface as well as the smartphone interface.


Biking, redefined

TVS Creon embedded with a smart navigation interface and a host of delightful mini features provides an unmatched biking experience.

Navigation app

Steady bike to mobile app connect

Futuristic tech that keeps your bike and phone in constant touch.


Zero-break ride

Get the complete navigation picture within a fraction of a second.


Streetlight Connect

Cluster app talks to nearby streetlights and gets you a traffic snapshot.


Stationary & motion modes

No calls, no notifications, no distractions when you are on the move.

Eyes on the road - A distraction-free navigation app

  • 01 Optimized for safe riding
  • 02 Bite-sized information
  • 03 Green biking
  • 04 Real-time edits

TVS Cluster’s strategy was to make the riding experience safe by minimizing the time and effort required to navigate through maps.

Aniket Kumar

Sr UX Designer @Netbramha

Kick-start your journey to the future

Biking that comes with a revolutionary connected experience & a zero distraction navigation.

Panoramic shot of your speed range
Cluster app stats
Your complete biking stats here

Recap your riding, anytime, anywhere

With the TVS Cluster app you get the chance to review your riding experience, even from the comfort of your home.

Cluster app navigation

Count your carbon

reduce carbon footprint
Reduce carbon emission

Imagine a bike that makes the planet green

TVS Cluster app tells you how much carbon footprint you reduce with each ride, building an eco-conscious mindset.

Making riding safe yet exciting

A biker-friendly interface that simplifies navigating through complex maps, TVS Cluster has redefined the complete biking experience.

Safe bike riding

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