Creating a connected riding experience for TVS Creon electric bike

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The TVS Creon is first of its kind connect electric bike. We designed the connected experience for the bike with riding journey and stationary journey in mind.

  • Front-end development
  • Design
  • Illustrations

Reimagining biking

Our focus was on the accessibility & contrast

Prioritising the important stuff
Bike Clustor
Darker Colors for visibility in all conditions
second bike clustor
Easily digestible information to ensure we don’t overwhelm the rider

Creating a Connected experience

Navigate anywhere by setting the location on the phone and transferring it to the cluster.

Together. Always.

Even when the bike is in motion, it constantly keeps talking to the phone. Not only can you update or change your destination, but you also know how green you’re making the planet!

No Distractions. Ever.

If you receive a call when driving, the alert doesn’t show up till the bike is actually stationary, ensuring safety of the rider.

Experience The Future

TVS Creon

in all its glory

The bike was launched at the Auto Expo 2018