Semnox a mobile app to make the visit to an amusement park/arcade seamless

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We were asked to create a white label app which could be adapted by any amusement park to showcase their rides, events, games and more.

  • Front-end development
  • Design
  • Illustrations

All bases covered

Creating a scalable & modular design system

For an app that needed to work across all arcades/amusement parks, our design was made up of components that can be plugged in anywhere, when needed.

Quick access menu for all important actions
A dynamic section that highlights the best a park has to offer
The primary navigation bar is versatile enough to cater to all needs

Larger than life

With the use of big cards, immersive imagery & seamless interactions, we brought the life of the park, in your hands.


is the key

We used our building blocks to create a seamless journey across various features in the app

Navigation made easy

Behind the scenes