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Discover: How companies like VISA & Netflix implement AI to outperform their competitors?

Implement: "Ready-to-go" AI design solutions applicable across industries & use cases

Accelerate: 100 AI tools to improve speed, productivity, management & creativity, under 
a single roof

Identify: Key areas where you can gain prime mover advantage with AI-driven design solutions

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How to integrate AI across your organization

Leverage AI & Design to enhance your CX

How to make Design & AI work for you

Ethical dilemmas & concerns over AI usage

How to overcome 

Dig into every industry & you’ll find AI changing the nature of work

Daniela Rus

MIT - IBM Watson Lab

Real-life case studies from
AI-powered companies

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Ushering the era of lightning fast clinical trials & 
drug discovery with 90 AI models


AI enabling Indian farmers implement sustainable & resilient farming practices


Turning education more accessible & inclusive with 
AI-driven design solutions


Hyperpersonalized experiences for millions of consumers taking engagement & delight to another level


Richer insights, faster decision-making that elevate customer experience with AI

Complete AI integration roadmap

Eager to empower every department & function in your organization with AI. But don't know where to start? Our AI playbook provides step-by-step actionable pointers on how to go from AI-naive to AI-native & turbocharge your growth!

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Award-winning user experience design studio specializing in user research, design thinking, product strategy, & interface design. We champion user-centric solutions and harness AI’s potential to create future-proof products. Our design expertise has transformed industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and EMAAR. We eagerly anticipate elevating your business with robust design thinking frameworks.







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2024 will be Design with AI. Design for AI. and AI for Design

Aashish Solanki

CEO & Founder - NetBramha

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