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Million+ users

By incorporating user research, testing, and scalable design principles that meet the diverse needs and preferences of a large and varied user base.

Advanced analytics

By leveraging data-driven insights to create interfaces that are optimized for user behavior, preferences, and engagement


With intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing interfaces that simplify complex processes and provide easy access to services.

Brand perception

By creating visually appealing, consistent, and memorable interfaces that build brand recognition and trust

Words from our clients

Top Notch Designs

NetBramha Studios demonstrated top-notch design and development skills throughout, delivering minimalist yet highly functional designs that matched the client’s vision. Collaborative and timely, the team provided daily updates and utilized Figma to share their progress with the client

Our Impact across Mobile & Telecom industry

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2 Mn+

State-of-the-art technology across 2 million homes by ACT

Why choose NetBramha for your
Mobile & Telecom brand?

On-field user research

We specialize in on-ground face-to-face research encompassing multitudes of user personas along with understanding user needs, behaviors, and preferences through various research methods such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Data-driven designs

We implement data and analytics to inform design decisions and improve the user experience. This includes analyzing user behavior, preferences, and feedback to identify areas for improvement, using A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of different design solutions, and leveraging data to personalize the user experience and optimize engagement and conversions.

Service Design

We specialize in identifying user needs and pain points, mapping out the service journey, designing touchpoints and interactions, and optimizing the service experience for efficiency and effectiveness.

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A powerful, productive ecosystem for on-field staff to optimise & increase productivity.


Strategic digital partnership with leading ICT provider


Reimagining mobile advertising for leading mobile marketing platform