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Million+ users

By incorporating user research, testing, and scalable design principles that meet the diverse needs and preferences of a large and varied user base.

Advanced analytics

By leveraging data-driven insights to create interfaces that are optimized for user behavior, preferences, and engagement


With intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing interfaces that simplify complex processes and provide easy access to services.

Brand perception

By creating visually appealing, consistent, and memorable interfaces that build brand recognition and trust

Words from our clients

Top Notch Designs

NetBramha Studios demonstrated top-notch design and development skills throughout, delivering minimalist yet highly functional designs that matched the client’s vision. Collaborative and timely, the team provided daily updates and utilized Figma to share their progress with the client

Our Impact across Mobile & Telecom industry

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2 Mn+

State-of-the-art technology across 2 million homes by ACT

Why choose NetBramha for your
Mobile & Telecom brand?

On-field user research

We specialize in on-ground face-to-face research encompassing multitudes of user personas along with understanding user needs, behaviors, and preferences through various research methods such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Data-driven designs

We implement data and analytics to inform design decisions and improve the user experience. This includes analyzing user behavior, preferences, and feedback to identify areas for improvement, using A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of different design solutions, and leveraging data to personalize the user experience and optimize engagement and conversions.

Service Design

We specialize in identifying user needs and pain points, mapping out the service journey, designing touchpoints and interactions, and optimizing the service experience for efficiency and effectiveness.

Case Studies

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A powerful, productive ecosystem for on-field staff to optimise & increase productivity.


Strategic digital partnership with leading ICT provider


Reimagining mobile advertising for leading mobile marketing platform

Frequently Asked

What are NetBramha's areas of expertise as UI/UX design agency?

Since our inception 15 years back our work has impacted more than a billion+ users worldwide. We take great pride in making a difference with design.

As an award-winning studio from India, our expertise involves everything that is needed to design (or redesign) a great user experience, including

– Website & Web app UX design
– Mobile UI/UX experience
Enterprise UX design
– Branding & Illustrations

All of which is facilitated by rugged user research, product strategy, design thinking & deep craft for design.

What design process does a top design studio like NetBramha follow?

A startup or for a Fortune 500 company, we follow a methodical & consistent approach to every design project we work on

Research – In-depth analysis of users through qualitative & quantitative analysis, ethnographic research, heuristic evaluation (through design audits), & usability testing, along with detailed competitor analysis.

Strategy – Powered by the insights derived in the research stage, we then work towards building a customer-centric product roadmap aimed at enhancing growth, product stickiness & market capture, through increased user engagement.

Design – Rugged information architecture, product mock-ups, user interface design, detailed motion & microinteractions, and finally customized illustrations & icons that set the apt succinct identity for your final product.

How is NetBramha different from other top UX agencies & companies?

We care for – People. (Our team, clients & users)

Our people are our biggest strength. We care for our team & each one of them is hand-picked. Our culture is what drive us. Our care for our customers to see their problem as ours & empathy for the users is what makes us tick.

We care for – Design. (Craft, outcomes, process)

We are absolutely passionate about design. We contribute to the design community, build our expertise & hone our skills every single day. We truly believe that design can change the world for better.

We care for – Outcomes (Results, wins, learnings)

We are result driven & backed with experience. Our clients trust us to deliver results across experiences. Clients like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Infosys, Emaar etc.,  have mandated us to design new products, scale existing one or disrupt a new market with design.

What are the models of engagement that you have?

Continuous product design

This is suited for product companies & MNCs with changing needs. The scope & timeline set for these projects are flexible & evolve as per the requirements. The billing is on an hourly / monthly T&M basis.  Works well for product UX, research engagements & the likes.

Project-based delivery

This model is apt for design projects with clearly defined scope & deliverables. With the scope and deliverables locked, projects under this module are charged per project basis.  Works well for websites, branding projects.

For more clarity you can always reach out to us here.

How do you redesign enterprise & legacy products?

Though every enterprise software redesign and digital transformation of legacy software presents its own unique challenges, we have been able to use design very effectively to transform them.

Stakeholder Management – We engage & build trust with the stakeholders early on in the redesign journey ensuring a highly collaborative design process through a cross-functional team of designers, developers, project managers, & other specialists.

Bottom-up approach – We modularise the design from bottom up and work in small steps towards the major end goal which is providing a consistent, seamless, & modernised UX, keeping an eye on both the primary & secondary goals of the enterprise redesign.

Technical roadmap – An in-depth understanding of the complex technical aspects & processes of the legacy system, charting a strategic technology roadmap that mitigates the risks associated with an unplanned design change within the enterprise.

Digital Transformation – We reimagine the legacy system within a modern & agile ecosystem  through design thinking & HCD (human centered designs), streamlining process efficiency, boosting business performance & opening new channels of serving users better.

How can I get a proposal for my design project or engagement?

If you are looking for an expert UX design firm to partner with please fill out this form, with a brief summary of the project or the RFI/RFP. We usually get back within 24 hours.

During the introductory call we try to understand your business, requirements, project goals, budget, timeline, & other essential information, ensuring there are no surprises or ambiguities from our end. We sign an NDA & treat all our client information with utmost confidentiality.

Post the introductory call, we may request you to share with us different documentations such as the design brief, project requirements, previous designs (if applicable), etc. In case of an existing product redesign, we will set up a demo and/or try using the product ourselves.

Once we are done with these procedures, we will share with you a proposal, schedule a video call, & walk you through the entire process. This design proposal will include a detailed description of our design approach, deliverables, project phase, & relevant design case studies.