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Enhancing security

Through the implementation of user-centric authentication methods and continuous monitoring of transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

Financial Inclusion

By creating intuitive and accessible interfaces that simplify financial products, enabling greater access to financial services for underbanked populations.

Empowering designs

That prioritize user needs, incorporate cultural nuances, and promote financial education and literacy making fintech disruption impact reach even till the grassroots


By creating clear and concise terms of service, providing secure and reliable platforms, and utilizing user feedback to continuously improve the user experience.

Words from our clients

Out of Box thinking

Their design knowledge, understanding of user needs, timeliness, and out of the box thinking distinguished them from other vendors we have worked with in the past. Their client relationship management and coordination are what impressed us the most.

Best in Business

Their attention to detail, and willingness to do that one extra iteration to get it right was impressive. They read us the right way and were able to balance their expertise with ours. Hard-working, no-nonsense bunch who were willing to roll their sleeves up. I genuinely believe they’re one of the best in the business.

Our Impact across Finance & Fintech 

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2.5 Mn+

Users pick Cleatax for their end-to-end ITR needs

$7 Mn

Funding raised by Fisdom from Sama, PayU, Quona

1000 Cr+

Worth assets managed by Goalteller


Organizations use Cleartax ITR for Income tax filing

Why choose NetBramha for your
Finance & Fintech brand design?

Domain experience

Enabled more than 25 leading fintech brands & high growth startups achieve scale & digital transformation through data & empathy-driven designs by incorporating varied design methodologies such as gamification, custom visual design language, inclusive designs etc.

Data driven designs

That leverage user data to inform and improve product design, personalization, and decision-making, ultimately enhancing the user experience and creating more value for customers.

Full Gamut

End-to-end design process of creating innovative financial products and services that meet user needs, incorporate the latest technologies, prioritize security and transparency, and promote financial inclusion and empowerment for the complete gamut of users

Holistic designs

Striking a balance between the convenience and efficiency of technology with the empathy, trust, and personalization that can only come from human interaction, ultimately creating a more holistic and satisfying user experience.

Case Studies

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Redefining India’s largest non government digital income tax filing experience


Transforming homegrown SAAS app to industry leading platform


Seamless one-stop-solutionfor financial needs of lakhs of Indians.

How can UI/UX design enhance the fintech experience?

Strong UI/UX design simplifies complex financial concepts, fosters trust, and streamlines user journeys. This leads to a smoother experience for tasks like money management, investing, and making payments.

What are some key UI/UX considerations for finance apps?

Clarity, security, and ease of use are crucial. Intuitive navigation, clear data visualization, and robust security features build user confidence.

How can UI/UX design help build trust in a fintech platform?

A transparent and user-friendly interface fosters trust. This includes clear explanations of fees, secure login processes, and easy access to customer support.

How does UI/UX design impact mobile banking adoption?

A well-designed mobile banking app with a focus on usability encourages frequent use and engagement. Features like fingerprint login and bill pay functionality simplify everyday banking tasks.

What role does UI/UX design play in investment platforms?

Effective UI/UX design in investment platforms empowers users by presenting complex financial information clearly. Interactive charts and personalized dashboards help users make informed decisions.

How can UI/UX design be used to improve financial literacy?

Financial apps can leverage UI/UX design to educate users. Interactive tutorials, financial glossaries within the app, and goal-setting features can empower users to manage their finances better.

What are the benefits of using UI/UX design for regulatory compliance in fintech?

A well-designed interface can guide users through complex KYC (Know Your Customer) processes and ensure they understand risk disclosures. Clear communication reduces errors and helps maintain regulatory compliance.

How can UI/UX design personalize the fintech experience?

Financial apps can leverage user data (with consent) to personalize investment recommendations, budgeting tools, and financial insights, catering to individual needs and goals.

How can UI/UX design enhance the fintech experience with AI?

AI-powered chatbots can answer user questions 24/7, while intelligent virtual assistants can provide personalized financial advice based on user data and financial goals.

What are some key UI/UX considerations for finance apps with AI?

Transparency around AI use is crucial. UI/UX design should clearly explain how AI is used within the app and provide users with control over their data.

How can AI and UI/UX design work together to build trust in a fintech platform?

AI-powered fraud detection systems can build trust by safeguarding user accounts. Additionally, AI can personalize security measures based on user behavior.

How does AI-powered UI/UX design impact mobile banking adoption?

AI can personalize the mobile banking experience by surfacing relevant financial products and services based on user needs and spending habits.

What role does AI play in UI/UX design for investment platforms?

AI can analyze vast amounts of data to identify investment opportunities and suggest personalized investment strategies tailored to individual risk tolerance and financial goal

How can UI/UX design be used to improve financial literacy with AI?

AI-powered chatbots can answer user questions in a natural language, simplifying complex financial concepts and providing real-time guidance.

What are the benefits of using AI and UI/UX design for regulatory compliance in fintech?

AI can automate KYC processes and identify suspicious activity, streamlining compliance procedures while reducing the risk of human error.

How can UI/UX design and AI be used to personalize the fintech experience further?

AI can analyze user behavior and financial data to predict future needs and proactively suggest relevant financial products or services. For example, AI might recommend a high-yield savings account to a user saving for a down payment.