We started as an UX studio in 2008 & continue to remain focused on UX even now. We are a small friendly team doing BIG things. We believe in creating impactful designs for products and services. Honestly, we don’t even consider this as ‘work’.

It’s more of a thing we live by.

In today’s competitive world of large design agencies, bloated budgets & marketing blitz NetBramha Studios strives to stand for lean teams, honest UX & sustainable pricing. When Aashish Solanki (our Founder) started this thing in 2008 he was an absolute newbie at running a design business but eventually he got around building our clan of bramhas.

Driving UX & Design in India is in our fundamental DNA. We are a bag of odd shaped engineers, designers & product guys & girls enjoying our work.

In the team, we have a six sigma black

belt champion, graduates of some premier colleges, an amazing caricaturist, a theatre performer, a coffee enthusiast who interned at a Barista and more.

We love what we do. Period.

We have extremely high respect for people who love design, food & adventure. Yes in that exact order.

Our journey though, has just begun. Hire us if you are crazy enough yourself!

Our History

July 2008

started studio

Started the studio with a
shared office space

Aug 2008

first design hire made

First design hire made!

Jan 2009

first netbramha labs product lestolla

First NetBramha Labs product
Letsolla is launched

Nov 2009

First fortune 500 company client signed

First fortune 500 company
client is signed on

June 2012

first ux conference co-hosted bangalore

First UX conference
co-hosted in Bangalore

Oct 2012

founded designday

Founded DesignDay