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Scientific farming

Utilize research and data-driven strategies to optimize agricultural production across different agricultural technologies.

Tech Savvy

Build intuitive technologies enabling farmers to manage and monitor their farms efficiently by levering latest technology


Open standards, modular architectures, and collaborative design processes leading to increased productivity and sustainable farming practices.


Data analytics and machine learning algorithms to target the application of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing waste and increasing yields

Our Impact across Agritech industry

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180 Mn+

App created for inclusive needs of 180+ million farmers of India for SeedWorks


Enabled farmers to increase their crop yields through personalized solutions for SeedWorks

75 Lakh+

Beneficiaries across 22 Indian states benefited through water supply & irrigation for Arghyam

Why choose NetBramha for your
Agritech brand design?

Award winning agritech designs

Prioritizing user-centered design principles, creating intuitive and accessible interfaces that enable farmers to easily access and manage their data and tools. Modular and customizable design solutions, allowing farmers to easily tailor it to their specific needs and workflows.

Change from the grassroots

Empowering small-scale farmers with access to innovative technologies and data-driven solutions that help improve their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. These technologies are  designed to be accessible and affordable for small farmers, who may lack the resources or expertise to implement more traditional farming methods

Complex infrastructure

Enabling growth in the context of modern agriculture, which often involves a complex web of actors, including farmers, input suppliers, processors, and retailers by creating open and flexible systems that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, our agritech designs are reducing the barriers to adoption and fostering collaboration between different actors.

Empathy-driven designs

Prioritizing the needs and experiences of farmers and other stakeholders, creating intuitive and accessible interfaces that enable them to easily access and manage their data and tools. Our empathy-driven design involves understanding the perspectives and challenges of users and designing solutions that meet their specific needs and workflows.

Case Studies

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Single point, end-to-end, personalized farming solutions app for Indian farmers


Complete website redesign for NGO working towards sustainable water management

Our Award Winning Agritech Case Study

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