My first two weeks at Netbramha and in Jayanagar

My first two weeks at Netbramha and in Jayanagar

Life At NetBramha Studios

Growing up in Bangalore, I did not imagine I would be moving out of my parents house after I returned from college. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would move to Jayanagar in south Bangalore. However since my parents live in Marathahalli (way up north Blr) I would have had to travel for more than 3 hours everyday to work and back. My life in Bangalore was far away from jayanagar.

I was not ready to get drained in a car for 15+ hours a week and decided to move closer to the office. I also got extremely lucky in finding a gem of a house ten minutes away from the office by auto which made moving to Jayanagar a blissful experience.
I moved into my apartment on the 2nd of August and began work on the 3rd. Walking into the NetBramha studios, I was excited to begin a new stage in my life. The office is a collaborative working space, with everyone sitting in one room on a large C shaped desk, I quickly found my comfortable spot where I still sit almost everyday.
For my first project, I was tasked with redesigning the studio’s homepage. A job I thought I would get done in 2-3 days, ended up taking me two weeks. Being constantly pushed to create something better by my boss Aashish and my co-workers, I must have gone through more than 30 iterations of one single home page.

In hindsight, this experience prepared me to pay attention to the smallest details while creating work and motivated me to keep challenging myself as a designer. This short project taught me much more than I thought it would, it tested my visual design skills and gave me an idea of the benchmark that I have to work towards while working at NetBramha.

I am currently working on my second project and am about to embark on the visual design phase. While I am slightly frightened, I am primarily excited to exercise my visual design skills. More than anything, I feel comfortable taking on this challenge in the collaborative, encouraging and fun-loving office that I am beginning to call my second home.

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