Everything You Need To Know About Figma Config 2024

What is Figma Config? 

Figma Config is an annual conference for product creators, specifically those who use Figma for design and development. In 2024, it’s a two-day event happening on June 26th and 27th.

figma config 2024 virtual

There are two ways to participate:

In person: The conference is being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (The tickets for the in-person event are sold out)

Virtually: Figma is live streaming the event so you can attend online.

Here’s the link to register for the virtual conference (for free) 

There are roughly 75+ speakers across 50+ sessions. Here’s how you can filter the right talks for you based on your expertise & interest. (Made with 💛 by NetBramha)

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Why is it important for designers & developers to attend Figma Config?

Here are some crucial reasons why attending Figma Config in 2024 would be important for designers and developers:

Config figma 2024 details

Stay Updated on Figma’s Latest Features and Roadmap:  Figma Config is the platform for Figma to announce new features and design tools. Attending the conference allows designers and developers to learn about these updates directly and get insights into Figma’s future direction. This equips them to leverage the latest functionalities in their design and development workflows.

Learn from Industry Experts and Design Leaders: Figma Config brings together renowned figures in the design and development world. By attending talks and workshops led by these experts, designers and developers can gain valuable knowledge and practical tips on best practices, design trends, and Figma-specific workflows.

Network with Other Figma Users and Build Relationships: The conference offers ample opportunities to connect and network with other Figma users, including designers, developers, and product managers. This allows them to share experiences, collaborate on ideas, and potentially forge new partnerships for future projects.

Discover New Plugins and Tools to Enhance Workflow: Figma Config features a marketplace where attendees can explore new plugins and third-party tools that integrate seamlessly with Figma. These tools can significantly enhance design and development workflows by automating tasks, adding new functionalities, and boosting productivity.

Get Inspired by Innovative Design Projects and Case Studies: The conference showcases real-world design projects and case studies from leading companies.  Attending designers and developers can gain inspiration from these creative solutions and see how Figma is being used to tackle design and development challenges across various industries.

Shape the Future of Figma by Providing Feedback and Suggestions: Figma Config offers opportunities for attendees to provide feedback and suggestions to the Figma development team. This allows designers and developers to directly influence the future of the platform and ensure that Figma evolves to meet their specific needs.

There are roughly 75+ speakers across 50+ sessions. Here’s how you can filter the right talks for you based on your expertise & interest

Who is coming to Figma Config 2024?

Figma Config 2024 list of speakersFigma Config 2024 will feature more than 75 speakers from around the world  according to the Figma website. The speaker roster will include a mix of:

Industry Experts and Design Leaders: These are prominent figures in the world of design and development who can offer valuable insights and best practices.

Figma Product Team: Representatives from the Figma product team will likely be present to discuss new features and the platform’s roadmap.

Representatives from Leading Companies: Speakers from companies known for innovative design work will showcase real-world design projects and Figma use cases.

75+ speakers & 50+ sessions. It is impossible to attend all, as many of them overlap. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try this easy filter to filter the best talks suited for your skillset interest. (Made with 💛 by NetBramha)

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Is Figma Config 2024 going to be recorded?

Yes, Figma Config 2024 will be recorded. Here’s a breakdown of what will be recorded:

Keynotes: The main presentations at the conference will be recorded and available on Figma YouTube likely on the same day of the conference.

Breakout Sessions: These are smaller, more focused talks and workshops. Recordings of these will also be uploaded to YouTube, but there might be a slight delay compared to the keynotes.

It’s important to note that some breakout sessions might have limited viewing times, so the Figma Config FAQ recommends checking them out as soon as possible after they’re uploaded.

What is the Figma Config 2024 agenda?

This year Figma will be focusing on – AI & Innovation, Building Products with Figma, Design Craft, and Building for Developers.

According to the Figma Config 2024 website, the Figma Config 2024 agenda covers a wide range of topics including design systems, AI & innovation, design/craft, building products, and innovation. There are sessions focused on keynote speakers, breakouts, lunch breaks, and closing keynotes.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A keynote by Figma’s CEO, Dylan Field.
  • A talk by Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Co-Director of the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute.
  • A panel on Figma Design Systems.
    Talks on building products for developers and with Gen Z.
  • A closing keynote by comedian Alexis Gay.

For more details and the complete schedule, please see the Figma Config 2024 Agenda

Feeling confused and overwhelmed? Worry not. Use this easy filter to pick & select the best talks for you. (Made with 💛 by NetBramha).

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What are Figma Watch Parties? Where can I find these?

Figma Watch Parties are gatherings organized by the Figma community groups, called Friends of Figma, around the world to watch the Figma Config conference live here: https://friends.figma.com/config-watch-parties/. These gatherings allow people who cannot attend Figma Config in person to still participate in the excitement and learn about the latest Figma developments and design trends.

Here are some details about Figma Watch Parties:

  • Friends of Figma groups all over the world organize these watch parties.
  • You can find a watch party near you by visiting the Friends of Figma website https://friends.figma.com/config-watch-parties/.
  • The watch parties typically involve streaming the Figma Config updates directly from the Figma team, with opportunities to discuss the announcements with fellow design enthusiasts.

Even if there isn’t a watch party in your city, you can still participate virtually by joining the live stream or following the conversation online.


What is Friends of Figma? How will it help me?

Friends of Figma is a global community of Figma enthusiasts, specifically designers and developers who share a passion for the design tool [https://friends.figma.com/]. It’s a community run by the community, for the community,  so it’s a welcoming space for anyone interested in Figma, regardless of their experience level.


Here are some ways Friends of Figma can help you:

Learn and Grow: Friends of Figma offers various resources to help you improve your Figma skills. This can include workshops, tutorials, and discussions with other members who can share their knowledge and best practices.

Stay Updated: The community stays up-to-date on the latest Figma features, plugins, and design trends. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and use Figma to its full potential.

Network and Connect: Friends of Figma provides opportunities to connect with other designers and developers who use Figma. This can be helpful for finding collaborators, getting feedback on your work, or simply making new friends with similar interests.

Get Help and Support: If you ever get stuck with Figma, you can reach out to the Friends of Figma community for help. There are likely other members who have faced similar challenges and can offer solutions or point you in the right direction.

Event Participation:  Friends of Figma groups often host local meetups and events focused on Figma and design. This is a great way to learn in person, network with local professionals, and participate in a fun and creative community.

Overall, Friends of Figma is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Figma, connect with other users, and grow their design and development skills.

How to make the most of Config Figma 2024? 


Here are some tips to make the most of Figma Config 2024:

Plan your schedule:  The Figma Config website has a schedule of events.Familiarize yourself with the agenda and pick talks, workshops, and sessions that align with your interests and goals.

Pre-register if attending virtually:  If you plan to attend virtually, the Figma Config website for pre-registration. This will ensure you get reminders and any updates about the live stream.

Network: Attending Figma Config is a great opportunity to connect with other designers and developers. Make an effort to strike up conversations, exchange business cards, and follow people on social media.

Attend watch parties (if attending virtually): If you can’t attend Figma Config in person, consider joining a watch party hosted by a local Friends of Figma group. This is a great way to connect with other Figma enthusiasts in your city and experience the excitement of the conference together.

Take notes:  During the talks and workshops, take notes on the key takeaways and insights you gain. This will help you remember the information later and put it into practice. Here is a template that you can use to take notes during the Config event (built for 2023 Config). 

Follow up with speakers and attendees: After the conference, connect with speakers and attendees you met on LinkedIn or social media. This is a great way to stay in touch and build relationships.

Don’t forget to have fun!: Figma Config is a great learning experience, but it’s also a chance to meet new people and have fun. Make sure to enjoy the conference and all it has to offer.

Advice for those attending Config 2024

  • Get to the venue early to miss traffic and the overwhelming crowds
  • Don’t beat yourself over for not being able to attend all the talks you planned, because the true value of the conference is the connections and friends you make.
  • Create opportunities for yourself to network
  • Sign up and attend the after conference meetups, this gives you more chances to network and see what other connections you can make.


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