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NetBramha Studios: A brief introduction to India’s leading UI/UX Design studio

NetBramha Studios is an award winning user experience design studio crafting digital products & experiences for customers like Google, EMAAR, Infosys etc for 15+ years. Our work has impacted a billion+ users across 20+ verticals across the globe. We began in 2008, during an era when design, UI/UX, & the likes were practically unheard of not only in India, but many parts of the world.

We have been a part of this monumental journey since the past 15 years, pioneering disruption across industries & organizations through design, envisioning even more massive growth in this sector, owing to the ever-increasing demand for “digital-first everything”.

We have been instrumental in not only spearheading the digital design revolution within the Indian landscape, but also unlocking growth & scale for numerous international product companies & enterprises. Today NetBramha operates as a hybrid studio with 75+ design specialists from all over the map, bringing together the best of creatives, design thinkers, & strategists, under a single roof.

Recently, we were certified as Great Place To Work for creating an outstanding experience for employees in terms of culture, camaraderie, & team spirit.

What is GPTW(Great Place to Work) Certification?

The Great Place to Work Certification is an accreditation program run by the organization Great Place to Work Institute. This program is designed to recognize and certify companies that have a positive workplace culture and treat their employees with fairness, respect, and dignity.

To earn the certification, a company must participate in a survey process that assesses employee satisfaction and workplace practices. The survey evaluates factors such as company leadership, employee development, employee benefits, and work-life balance, among others.

Companies that meet the requirements for the certification are recognized as “Great Places to Work” and are allowed to use the certification in their marketing materials. The certification is a prestigious recognition that can help attract and retain top talent, improve brand reputation, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Why is Great Place To Work certification important?

Great Place to Work certification is important for a number of reasons:

Employee satisfaction and retention: A positive workplace culture can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and retention rates. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to stay with the company long-term, reducing turnover rates and associated costs.

Talent acquisition: Great Place to Work certification can be a valuable tool for attracting top talent. In today’s job market, candidates are increasingly seeking out employers that offer a positive work environment and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Reputation and brand image: Companies that are recognized as Great Places to Work often have a positive reputation and brand image. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust, as well as positive media coverage and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Business performance: Companies with a positive workplace culture often perform better financially, as employees are more engaged, productive, and innovative. Great Place to Work certification can signal to investors and stakeholders that the company is well-managed and has a strong, sustainable business model.

Overall, Great Place to Work certification can be an important way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, attract and retain top talent, and build a strong, sustainable business.

Recently, we were certified as Great Place To Work for creating an outstanding experience for employees in terms of culture, camaraderie, & team spirit. ‍

What makes NetBramha a great place to work?

Great Place to Disrupt with Design 

Before anything else, NetBramha Studios has been a pioneer in digital disruption, putting India in the global map. With depth of craft & expertise across more than 20 verticals, our design team is relentlessly focused on pursuit of excellence. We take pride in the fact that our designs have touched the lives of more than a billion people across the globe. We have catered to a wide diaspora of clients – from Fortune 500s to high growth startups to unicorns & more – from around the world. Some of the key leaders who have partnered with us are Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Cisco, Mckinsey, Unilever, Byjus, Reliance, Schneider, & the list goes on!

We consider ourselves fortunate to have tackled some of the most pressing design challenges from diverse industries. From building a single-point farmer support app for the 180 million+ farmers of India to making pregnancy a safe & stress-free journey for expecting mothers, NetBramha has been a champion in delivering world-class solutions to our 250+ happy clients from 20+ countries.

Such a global positioning makes us a leading choice across enterprises, brands, product companies, etc as their partner in digital disruption thus allowing our team to work on real-world problems that will have a big impact on the global population. This has one of the key inspiring factors for the team as they keep getting opportunities to make real impact with their design expertise.

Great Place to unlearn to learn & upskill 

Designers are lifelong learners. And a big part of becoming a designer & staying a lifelong learner is to master the art of unlearning.

At NetBramha, we place immense importance on learning the skill of unlearning. With unlearning comes freedom from assumptions, biases, & prejudices. To make sure our team keeps receiving healthy doses of learning & unlearning we have created a structured learning framework that empowers our team to stay sharp, relevant, & ever-evolving:

  • Dedicated menter-mentee roles – Every designer in the studio is either mentoring designers or is a mentee of a senior designer. This ensures that in addition to the learning each designer receives through their work, they are also being mentored & honed in their respective design niches by senior designers who have been in the field for long. This also ensures that senior designers are able to pass on their collective knowledge & experiences to the junior designers & also in exchange learning a thing-or-two from them in return. This constant exchange of ideas & learnings pave the way for a rich learning-driven ecosystem and the team automatically keeps outperforming itself.
  • Design Day – No growth is possible without a healthy level of competition among peers & hence we organize bi-monthly Design Days where designers showcase their latest work in terms of problem statements, design thinking, process, outcomes, challenges & learnings. These act as great learning sessions for designers to take inspiration from their peers’ works & learn best design practices & frameworks from their colleagues.
  • Design Sessions – Not all designers are created equal. Some are great at user research while others have cracked the code to wireframing. Some are great visual storytellers while others have inborn talent of stakeholder management. We make sure that this knowledge is democratized for the entire team by organizing weekly learning sessions by designers where they demonstrate their skills, expertises, and nifty hacks that have worked  for them so that the entire team collectively benefits from this.
  • Webinars – We are also firm believers in sharing our cumulative learnings with the entire design & tech community thus we keep organizing webinars on a regular basis on various topics – ranging from design career masterclasses to service design thinking to even mental health for designers.

This constant, never-ending cycling of unlearning, learning & upskilling keeps our knowledge fresh & makes our team ready to face any challenge thrown at them. Practical insights, tips, recommendations, best practices, blueprints & more are shared with the team non-stop which easily translates into not just good but great work.

Great Place to collaborate & bond 

One of the foremost things that empower an organization & help retain great talent is the culture. Culture refers to the values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices that are characteristic of an organization or workplace. It encompasses the shared attitudes and expectations of the people who work there, as well as the way work is performed and the level of collaboration and communication among employees.

For NetBramha Studios, culture & values are aligned to our bigger goals, mission, & vision – which is to impact 100% of the global population with our superpower of design & design thinking. This requires us to be not just firm believers but also undeterred practitioners of our values – Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Value-centric, Accountability, & Pursuit of Craftsmanship.

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These make way for an ecosystem that fosters diversity, inclusion, & seamless collaboration despite our studio being 100% remote. As a Studio, when we decided to go permanently remote in 2020, we were able to onboard a larger, more diverse pool of talent from across the map & were not limited by physical restrictions of being in the same city.

Despite being on virtual channels, our team passed with flying colors on team spirit & camaraderie (factors on which NetBramha Studio scored the highest on Great Place To Work). And our regular offsite meet ups ensure we keep meeting face to face, sharing some of the best moments together as a team.

Great Place to Make an Impact

NetBramha’s work has not just transformed millions of lives across the globe but has also put India on the global map for design & disruption. Our major clients include global giants such as Google, Emaar, Cisco, Mckinsey, Infosys, Schneider, & the likes – brands, organizations, & enterprises that have changed the global landscape across verticals – technology, fintech, real estate, healthcare & more.

NetBramha has been a Clutch Leader (leading B2B service provider) multiple times, being ranked as World’s Leading Design Agency 3 times in the past 3 years. In addition to it, NetBramha has also clinched the coveted Red Dot Award for our disruptive omnichannel maternity healthcare design for Cloudnine Hospitals. We won 3 Kyoorius Design & Creative awards for our innovative app for Indian farmers that makes use of Voice Design & VR in agritech, in addition to many other design awards including A Design Awards, UX Pool Design Award, etc.

Our designs have disrupted markets & ecosystems across India, UK, USA, Europe, UAE, & many other countries. And we march ahead, with the same zeal & excitement, thrilled to transform India into the Design Capital of the World.

Such passion, vision, & enthusiasm to change the world is what pushes the team to perform better than yesterday & gives them a purpose to put their best foot forward. Moral, inspiration, purpose coupled with great work culture, bonding, & collaboration is what makes NetBramha Studios  a great place to work.