Glimpse of Clients' Clutch Reviews & Perspective on NetBramha Studios

NetBramha Studios clutch review

Here at NetBramha Studios, we love listening, observing, and understanding our clients’ perspectives. Being people-centric allows us to create impactful experiences and designs better. Founded in 2008, our team takes never takes our clients’ feedback for granted. We value every input they give, especially because we can never stop learning from their wisdom. It’s because of this approach that we+’ve continued to grow over the decade.

Based in Bengaluru, India, NetBramha Studios has worked with more than 250 clients across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Australia. We’re proud of every project that we’ve had the privilege to work on, and we love seeing what our clients have to say about our efforts.

NetBramha Studios is among the top UX agencies across the globe. This distinction humbles and reminds us that we’re doing a great job.

To show you more of what we can do, we’re going to take a moment to share with you our latest client testimonial on Clutch, an independent B2B review and rating website from Washington DC. The platform publishes truthful and data-driven content across various industries like IT, marketing, and business services.

Five-Star Work

Published earlier this year, our newest review was written by Nitin Bhandari, the CEO of Planera, a software company from San Francisco, California. The NetBramha Studios team was entrusted with an intricate UI/UX design project back in 2021 to help the client translate their ideas into powerful solutions.

While our project is still ongoing, our client already warranted our work with flying colors, giving us five stars across Clutch’s key metrics. Look at this quote from our Planera UI/UX design testimonial!

“They really understand the entire design methodology and process… not just eager to put pixels on the screen. They understand the user’s needs, research options out in the market, present different approaches, etc. I like how the designers feel passionately about my product and company. They’re not just trying to punch the clock.” 

— Nitin Bhandari, CEO & Head of Products, Planera

Honest and amazing client reviews like this help our team in so many ways. We are genuinely grateful for all of our clients, especially those who graciously take their time to review us on Clutch. All of you are the reason why we’re ranked highly on The Manifest, a business resource designed to guide browsers through different B2B markets.

According to their report, NetBramha Studios is among the top UX agencies this year. This distinction humbles and reminds us that we’re doing a great job. We couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s support and trust.

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