NetBramha chosen to drive Strategy & Design thinking by HyperCollective

NetBramha just got the Hype by collaborating with Hyper Collective – India’s only collaboration platform bringing together the diversified set of 21 specialized agencies – for leading design thinking and strategy.

On March 7th, Pops aka KV Sridhar, formally launched HyperCollective in collaboration with 21 partner companies that teams the market-leading strengths of different verticals of industry.

HyperCollective which is a disruptive new model in the field of communication is a technology company that binds the creative and strategic aspects of brand communication, by pooling in with 21 partner companies with each specializing in fields such as UI/UX, VR, data analytics, technology, new-age marketing solutions, content, etc. We were asked to lead the design thinking and strategy here.

The landmark collaboration aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry challenges and spark true disruption across various industries. We believe there are 4 benefits of having collaboration

The landmark collaboration aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry challenges and spark true disruption across various industries.
  • Stimulate fresh thinking: This collaboration will bring together different industry experts on one platform, wherein new ideas and thought processes that result can challenge everyone to consider different directions that would not have been considered if everyone worked separately.
  • Learning & Knowledge Sharing: Companies from diverse backgrounds will be able to share and explain their ideas in a contextually consistent environment, the feedback will improve the quality of thoughts and will help in knowledge transfer. This would be an amazing strategy.
  • Do more but faster & better: By working together the understanding of the considerations and ideas, is deepened and it will create a new ability to coordinate quickly on current and future projects. It will also make it easier for the collaborators to view each other equitably, make use of compatible skills and abilities and it can lift HyperCollective to new ways of thinking – re-energising every collaborator. Working together will onboard collaborators in a short span of time and clients will also have full access to all collaborators anytime.
  • Makes business sense: This model of collaboration will bring more business and inturn bring success to HyperCollective, collaborators, clients as well as to its end users. The strategy was to ensure high number of collaborators.

Every project handled by HyperCollective will be built in an exclusive collaboration that draws on the distinct strengths of each company. K V Srinath’s goodwill and HyperCollective’s capabilities, with the power of 21 more industry and domain consultants behind it will create work that can transform every industry vertical, allowing companies to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction – faster and easier than ever before.

NetBramha Studios and HyperCollective will bring together strategy capabilities and design expertise to create new age innovative design driven solutions for a wide range of clients in India & outside. The collective together will compliment each other’s areas of expertise across verticals.

In Twitter feeds, there are lot of tweets on engagement with HyperCollective

As of today, HyperCollective has 21 collaborators on board namely, NetBramha Studios, Ormax, Sharpener, Wolfzhowl Strategic Instigations, PING Digital Broadcast, Umbrella Design, Supari Studios, Meraki VR Studio, Fanatics, Simple Creative Inc, Experience Commerce, Windchimes Communications, Made by Fire, Candid Marketing, Moonraft Innovation Labs, Phoenix TalentX Branding, 17Seven, Tookitaki and Triggerbridge.

Let’s create Hype together!