Competitor Analysis

What is
Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is the process of identifying your competitors in the industry & understanding how they are serving your target user groups through their products or services. This step yields valuable insights about what are your brand’s strengths & weaknesses, & what are the key areas where you can establish yourself ahead of your competitors.

What are the benefits of competitor analysis?

  • Anticipate needs of your users by analyzing current landscape
  • Identify your own strengths & weaknesses
  • Pinpoint hidden opportunities in serving your users 
  • Understand the industry & market trends
  • Establish brand benchmark & USPs
  • Recognize gaps in R&D, product design, etc.

When is competitor analysis done?

Competitor analysis tools are not meant just for startups or new brands. Every brand new & old should include the competitor analysis process at each stage of their business lifecycle. In UX design & research, competitor analysis should be performed early on to get a better grasp of the existing industry landscape, competitor offerings, & your own set of strengths & weaknesses to lay a solid groundwork for product strategy & design. 


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Competitor analysis