Digitally transforming billion-dollar enterprise with Emaar One app


Real Estate & Hospitality


Mobile application


Research, Strategy, Design

Real estate services in a scalable digital-first ecosystem

Emaar Properties or Emaar Developments is an Emirati multinational real estate development company located in the United Arab Emirates. The company operates internationally providing property development and management services. With six business segments and 60 active companies, Emaar has collective presence in 36 markets across the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe and North America.


Unifying 5 different offline processes into one single online platform. Digitizing at scale, for properties worth 1 billion+ USD.  Additionally, creating a scalable & modular design language with complete service redesign, including designing payment processes from the ground up, streamlining communication augmenting transparency & convenience for their complete gamut of customers. 


Redefining the service design ground-up & a brand new product roadmap integrating the diverse & disconnected offline processes into a seamless, one-stop digital platform with heavy focus on enhancing transparency & discoverability – from simple payments to complete property handover.


Extensive on-ground research with current customers of Emaar along with in-depth competitor analysis of global real estate brands, trying to understand what the existing market wants & what their unmet needs were. Our detailed research (qualitative & quantitative) along with competitor analysis revealed that the dominant user group for Emaar, which consisted of HNIs & expats, expected a premium, futuristic, & seamless ecosystem that took care of the A to Z of their property needs on a single platform.


Painpoints discovered


Lack of a single, holistic property management platform for all Emaar customers that provided end-to-end services seamlessly


Multiple touchpoints (sales, marketing, legal, etc.) with customers having to deal with a multitude of teams separately through offline channels


Of digitization with high dependency on external parties & customers having negligible control over property management processes

Lack of

From legal technicalities to customizations to the property, there were no personalized services designed for the customer


Product roadmap enlisting the overall vision of the service redesign, which was unifying 5 different online processes & transforming all physical processes into a single-point digital platform with transparent & convenient payments, smooth property handover process, & a unique voice-driven way of raising service requests.

Design Thinking

Integrating scattered offline processes into a single process

Enterprise Redesign

For exceptional customer experience across user groups

Bridging the gap

Between property owners, agents, & buyers


Product design with a highly scalable. modular, & consistent design language, bringing the functionalities of 5 offline processes into a single digital platform. Seamless integration of end-to-end property management processes – starting from discovery to payments to handover, covering all major & minor aspects under a single roof.

Our design solution also came with VUI (voice user interface design) features with a new way of raising requests within the app, through voice commands. We also redesigned the payments process, from ground up prioritizing transparency & convenience for Emaar customers.

We also took care of minor but important aspects of property ownership such as making all appliances’ warranty cards available digitally at one place. With the new Emaar One app, customers of Emaar could now make payments, discover properties, add customizations to their homes, raise service requests, track the progress of property construction, & more through a single mobile application.

Information Architecture

The extensive IA covered tree maps, content models and visual models, detailing out every minute aspect of the application.

Visual design

Our visual design spoke directly to the prime customer base of Emaar – HNIs, expats, etc, bringing a certain premium & elegance across the visual design & aesthetics of the Emaar One app. Custom illustrations added to Emaar’s branding while also making it a delightful experience for the users. Simple & elegant fonts were used throughout the design with the ux copy being the perfect mixture of premium & witty.


NetBramha successfully facilitated Emaar’s digital transformation journey by eliminating bottlenecks, streamlining handovers, and expediting payments. This comprehensive overhaul not only revolutionized one of the world’s largest real estate enterprises but also introduced a new level of convenience for their diverse range of customers and their extensive in-house team of over 2,000 employees.

Our collaboration with Emaar resulted in a plethora of positive outcomes, all driven by a design-led approach. If you are eager to delve deeper into the details of how NetBramha facilitated Emaar’s digital transformation journey, connect with us here.