Qualitative Research 

What is
qualitative research?

Collection & analysis of non-numerical data, usually in the form of texts, audios, & videos to get a rugged understanding of users’ behaviors, opinions, perceptions, & pain points. These unlock deeper & richer insights, compared to just quantitative analysis & data points, often pointing to the “why” of user preferences that can be used to throw light on knowledge gaps & assumptions to generate ideas for product design.

What is the benefit
of conducting
qualitative research?

  • Meaningful insights into user behavior
  • Comprehensive understanding of pain points
  • Only quantitative approach is not enough to understand complex human psyche
  • Answer the “why” of things
  • Both verbal & non-verbal cues are tapped
  • Accurate data collection as it conducted “on-field”
  • Open-ended questions & responses reveal a plethora of opportunities
  • Flexible as the analysis process evolves with new patterns & behaviors

When is Qualitative Research done?

By definition, qualitative research is exploratory in nature. Hence, it should be conducted in the initial stages of UX research, when we don’t know what to expect from the user’s end, have a poorly defined problem statement, and/or are confused about which approach to implement.

How is Qualitative researchdone?

does it?

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qualitative research