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Innovative AR/XR platform with unique avatars

Augray is a leading Indian name in the AR-VR ecosystem, augmenting real & virtual worlds with fun, educational, & timely insights, providing an innovative & disruptive medium for users to consume information. We were asked to create a brand new smart messaging & brand activation system by combining the power of social media & AR.


Both AR-VR technology & avatar-based messaging platform were new, emerging fields when Augray approached us to build this unique ecosystem. The key challenges were powering both the technology (AR-VR) & the experience using design while also adding layers of customizations for each individual user. Keeping in mind what can kind of rendering can happen at what customizations & fitting all these nitty-gritty details in a small form factor, were the main challenges our design had to tackle.


Innovative AR-VR platform that keeps users engrossed, engaged, & entertained by allowing them to create unique digital avatars & placing them across countless exciting & vivid scenarios. Deeply immersive AR-VR interfaces with endless customizations for the users laying the groundwork for innovative brand storytelling across exciting premises, opening channels for a whole new world of virtual communication.


Since this idea was way ahead of its time, the main research we did was in the form of stakeholders workshop & qualitative research to understand their expectations & vision for the product. We also conducted in-depth research across AR-VR technology & rendering across different scenarios & how the customized avatars would interact in real time with real world elements.


We not only created a clear workflows for different personas of users across different scenarios – from onboarding to creating avatars from their smartphones to sharing these with their friends, we also strategized an entire business model around this MVP, identifying key areas on how other brands could leverage this innovative avatar-based messaging ecosystem & integrate it in their own businesses.

Augray AR VR UI UX design

Immersive experience

Innovative amalgamation of AR/VR technology with user experience design

Augray avatar creation Ar VR

Unique brand avatars

Highly customized avatars easily created through smartphone cameras

AR VR mobile app design UI UX

Exciting scenarios

Unique ability to place custom avatars across different scenarios


Our design focused on bringing a whole new concept, customized avatar-based messaging system that goes beyond the realm of usual pictures & texts with personalization manifold. We created a design language that captures the uniqueness & excitement of this ecosystem with perfectly designed workflows making onboarding, messaging, & sharing intuitive & seamless, years before Metaverse became mainstream.

Information Architecture

The extensive IA covered tree maps, content models and visual models, detailing out every minute aspect of the application.

Low fidelity wireframes

Understanding different workflows & use cases with avatar-based renditions & customizations manifold.

Visual design

Bright & bold hues adding layers of thrill & excitement, along with a touch of awe & wonder. Custom-made illustrations & iconography lending a futuristic theme to the entire planform, as should be for an AR/VR platform. 


With us designing Augray’s first-of-its-kind avatar-based messaging ecosystem, we were able to unleash an MVP in the actual market, driving an innovative idea through research, strategy, & design thinking, getting a lot of traction for Augray as a start-up & enabling it to enter newer markets such as the USA & Europe. Years before Metaverse became a mainstream, Augray was able to establish its name as a breakthrough AR/VR platform where digital avatars could interact in the real, physical world.

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