Enabling cricket skill tests virtually using AI & gamification


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Enabling cricket skill tests virtually using AI & gamification

Designing & coding an innovative stadium-like experience with engaging sound & motion design giving users an exclusive chance to bat like cricket stars, for Google. One of the big 5 tech companies in the world, Google is a global leader in internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, & hardware.


Design, code, & build, from scratch this unique stadium-like experience, debuting in the upcoming IPL tournament, with thrilling sound & motion design, & aligning VR components – all in real time, while working with Posenet technology for the very first time.


AI-powered, gamified Youtube brandcast interface, customized as per each different cricketer’s batting style, that accurately tracks the players movements & recreates the thrill & excitement of an actual jam-packed stadium giving users a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to bat like their favorite stars, with minimum learning curve


Though Google came with us with predefined user flows, these still had a few gaps. We identified the gaps in the existing flows, created the entire information architecture, accommodating all possible edge cases, while also ensuring all other other moving parts – motion & sound design, aligns perfectly with the AI elements, in real time

Google AI youtube brandcast

Deeply immersive

Realistic stadium experience, on a screen

Google AI youtube brandcast design

Learning curve

Minimum learning curve to avoid crowding

Gamified experience

With excitement in every screen


Designed for a minimal learning curve where people didn’t had to stand in long queues waiting for their chance. The entire experience was optimized to be understood & learnt by the users within maximum 2 practice shots. Proprietary Front End Dev tech that tracks the position and the user and delivers accurate results each time.

This with thrilling sound & motion design that provided a deeply immersive & realistic stadium-like look  giving users the complete experience with tension & excitement levels tantamount to an actual cricket stadium. The key stand-out design elements in this design included:

  • Thrilling sound & motion design
  • Immersive experience
  • Minimum learning curve

Visual design

With bright neon lights and a vibrant color palette we created an experience that is exciting & recreates the real stadium feel on the screen. By selecting the YouTube red as the primary color in addition to Neon Tubes typography we ensured every person engaging with this interface feels like an actual cricketer batting on the pitch.

The Outcomes

Google’s AI-driven gamified cricket interface debuted at IPL tournament, where crowds thronged to try their luck at batting like their favorite stars. Replete with thrilling sound & motion design, this YouTube Brandcast brought the same immersive & exciting feel of a real-life stadium to a digital interface. The minimal learning curve reduced crowding & bottlenecks among the participants, thus making this a hit among the audience.

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