End-to-End Omnichannel Maternity Experience Design

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End-to-End Omnichannel Maternity Experience Design

Comprehensive maternal & neonatal healthcare platform handholding expectant parents through their pregnancy journey, for Cloudnine Hospitals. Cloudnine group is India’s only omnichannel maternity care chain with 14+ hospitals & clinics spread across India, having catered to 500,000+ happy parents & delivered 100,000+ babies.


To build a digital-first maternity app that integrates real-time data flow between the doctors & expert team at Cloudnine hospitals with the expecting couple across the full spectrum of healthcare verticals.

To position Cloudnine as every expecting couple’s trustworthy digital support-system before and after childbirth, making it synonymous with high-quality women and child healthcare.


An app built not just for the expecting women, but also for the spouse/partner who can now have increased participation in the beautiful journey of pregnancy. Personalized features catering to specific needs of every mom-to-be with a host of accurate, time-sensitive, & critical features available at the tap of a button.

With full spectrum of virtual doctor consultations, dedicated care teams, accurate symptom’s tracker & similar features, Cloudnine’s “It’s Our Baby” app aims to alleviate stress & anxiety throughout the pregnancy journey by handholding couples at every stage.


We conducted in-depth primary and secondary research to gain a deeper understanding of all related healthcare modules including but not limited to mental health, physiotherapy, physical exercises, and neonatal vaccinations.

This extensive research gave us detailed insights into the complete pregnancy journey, nutritional requirements, and lifestyle practices for expecting mothers to be prepared for childbirth.

Additionally, stakeholder meetings, enabled us to understand the financial & insurance-related aspects of pregnancy care & delivery.

omnichannel maternity experience design

Painpoints discovered

& Confusion

A plethora of scientific & anecdotal info bombarding expecting couple

hospital visits

Severe restrictions in physical hospital visits owing to Covid-19

Time-sensitive complications

Getting immediate (SOS) help for complications during pandemic

Lack of

A poor access to quality healthcare for users in remote geographic areas


To encourage the participation of expectant mothers, their partners and family members, we needed to create a trustworthy platform that offered real-time & highly personalized support, flows & IA for all possible edge cases.

hospital service redesign netbramha studios

Service Redesign

Accommodating pandemic restrictions mitigating risks of physical visits

cloudnine pregnancy app maternity


Removing the need for physical hospital visits wherever possible

end-to-end maternity mobile app design

Holistic care

One stop destination for all pregnancy & newborn needs


To encourage the participation of expectant mothers, their partners and family members, we needed to create a trustworthy platform that offered real-time & highly personalized support, flows & IA for all possible
edge cases

Summarizing our design process

  • Information architecture
  • Design principles
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Visual design

Information Architecture

The extensive IA covered tree maps, content models and visual models, detailing out every minute aspect of the application.

Healthcare app IA diagram

Design principles



Love & joy



Low fidelity wireframes

The wireframes for Cloudnine went through more than 25 iterations, from napkin sketches to high-fi wireframes, constantly applying research insights, and converging towards the final designs.

Visual design

The visual design language for “It’s Our Baby” app closely follows the design principles, ensuring the elements of warmth, care, simplicity, & support were expressed through the visual design. Use of light colors, customized baby illustrations, & easy navigational indicators were added across the platform made it look simple to use, without overwhelming the expecting parents with information overload.

Its our baby app maternity design
Maternity app design UI UX
Best healthcare app design red dot award
Red dot award winning design


Cloudnine’s revolutionary “It’s Our Baby” App has successfully transformed the maternal healthcare ecosystem by significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels among expectant mothers by an impressive 30-40%. Our design-thinking led ventures led to a remarkable 400% increase in app downloads and, consequently, a substantial increase in revenue for the hospital chain.

By offering an end-to-end maternity experience, the app has also contributed to exceptional hospital delivery outcomes. Furthermore, its digital-first approach has made reliable and accurate online maternity and neonatal healthcare services accessible to individuals even in the remotest areas with just a tap of a button.

Uncover the secrets behind the creation of our groundbreaking and disruptive app, “It’s Our Baby,” by connecting with us now.

Red dot award netbramha

Red Dot

We were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for our phenomenal omnichannel maternity experience design for Cloudnine Group of Hospitals.

Red dot award netbramha studios