Top 100 examples of great product design: From service design to UX

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What does it take for a design to become iconic?

Iconic designs are those that seamlessly integrate into our daily routines, adding ease & convenience, elevating lives of people and leaving a lasting connection and impact. It’s more than just a pleasing appearance; it’s about fundamentally improving our lives.

Consider the convenience of UPI payments, the efficiency of rail transportation, the nostalgia of playing classic games like Pacman or Snakes & Ladders, or the indispensable tools like Figma and Notion for designers. Even something as simple as a yellow post-it note can be iconic for its usefulness.

But iconic designs aren’t limited to the ones we immediately recognize. On World Design Day, we celebrate the diversity of design innovation by presenting 100 case studies across various fields, including service design, product design, logo design, food design, UX design, game design, and many others. These designs have not only left a mark on our world but have also reshaped how we interact with it.

7 Examples of Service Designs that changed our world

top designs - service design

Service design has reshaped everyday experiences, as seen with Indian Railways and Mumbai Dabbawalas. Since 1853, Indian Railways has been vital in connecting diverse parts of India, crucial for millions daily. Similarly, the Mumbai Dabbawalas demonstrate how grassroots innovation can achieve world-class efficiency in their lunch delivery system.

From 1853 to 2024, these examples, alongside modern innovators like Uber and Amazon, highlight how understanding user needs leads to revolutionary & meaningful solutions.
Here are the top examples of service design.

Best Digital Product Design Examples

best designed things - digital design

Digital product design has fundamentally changed how we interact with technology, emphasizing user-centric innovations for more streamlined experiences.

Netflix revolutionized entertainment by tailoring streaming services, while tools like Figma and Notion enhanced collaboration with flexible, intuitive design interfaces.

Google’s search engine and the iPhone set industry standards with their focus on simplicity and user-friendly functionality.
Listed below are our top picks for digital designs

Examples of Best Physical Product Design

examples product design

From the timeless Swiss Army Knife (offering a century of reliability in your pocket) to the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, each product tells a tale of creativity and iterating products that solve users’ problems.

Tupperware changed kitchen storage, while igloos mastered construction for nature’s challenges. Makerbot Replicator made 3D printing accessible, and items like the Barcelona chair and Moroccan Tagine pot blend form with tradition.

Even everyday items like the QWERTY keyboard and Velcro show centuries of innovation & iteration.
Here are some standout physical product designs.

Iconic designs are those that seamlessly integrate into our daily routines, adding ease & convenience, elevating lives of people and leaving a lasting connection and impact.

Best Designs from India

indian designs

From the aromatic wake-up call of Filter Kaapi, introduced by Sufi Saint Baba Budan in the 1600s, to the culinary rebellion behind Masala Dosa, each dish and design in India tells a story of ingenuity and tradition.

Khadi redefined textiles with sustainability and heritage, while the Jaipur Foot offered innovation and hope to millions. Amul revolutionized dairy production, and Practo bridged healthcare gaps with user-centric digital solutions.

From ancient games like Snakes and Ladders to modern designs like Akhand Typeface, Indian designs are a culmination of innovation, culture & disruptive design tailored to billions.
Here’s a list of 12 designs that have originated in India.

Examples of Designs Crafted for Delight

best designed things

From the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa to the playful versatility of Lego, iconic designs shape our world. The Cinematograph changed how we watch movies, while the Vespa brought style to transportation, and the Walkman made music portable.

The “I love NY” logo captured a city’s spirit, and Coca-Cola’s timeless design refreshed generations. The iPod revolutionized music, and Post-it notes revolutionized organization.

Barbie sparked imagination, while Pac-Man became a pop culture icon. IKEA’s furniture transformed homes, and Spotify transformed how we listen to music.
Crafted with user delight in mind, we give you a list of 14 designs that influenced culture 7 enriched lives across generations.

Designs that build community/culture

design examples

Crafted to nurture community and culture, iconic designs resonate deeply with people. The LGBTQ flag stands for pride and unity, building a community.

Google offices foster innovation and collaboration, and Onam Sadya celebrates tradition and togetherness. Maori designs honor heritage, and the Ram Mandir symbolizes faith.

The Indian Constitution embodies democracy, and Montessori education promotes holistic learning. Each design, whether a flag, a building, a meal, or attire, plays a vital role in building connections and enriching cultural identity.
Here are some top examples

Scientific breakthroughs

impactful designs

Pioneering scientific breakthroughs have crafted the way we all live. From vaccines saving lives to Hedy Lamarr’s contributions to Bluetooth WiFi.

IBM Watson revolutionized artificial intelligence, while the stethoscope transformed medical diagnosis. Katherine Johnson’s calculations paved the way for space exploration, and innovations in menstrual hygiene like sanitary napkins and cups have empowered women worldwide.

Each breakthrough represents a leap forward in knowledge and human achievement, leaving a mark on history.
Explore some of the best scientific breakthroughs:

Top 10 Graphic/logo design

best logo design

Iconic symbols have become timeless representations of brands and culture. From the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo to the classic elegance of Chanel, each design tells a story.

Helvetica’s clean lines have influenced typography for decades, and the rebellious Rolling Stones logo is now synonymous with rock and roll. Superman’s emblem symbolizes heroism, while Unilever’s diverse icons reflect unity in diversity.

Susan Kare’s pixel art has left an indelible mark on digital design, and Pinterest’s logo represents inspiration and discovery.
Here’s a list of the top 10 graphic designs & logo designs from around the world.

Best Architecture Examples

best architecture design

Spider webs, with their intricate structures, inspire architects with their efficient use of materials and strength-to-weight ratio, influencing designs for lightweight and resilient structures.

The Eiffel Tower symbolizes innovation and elegance, while the Pyramids embody ancient architecture rooted in culture. The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro pushes the boundaries of futuristic design, while Zaha Hadid’s creations defy convention.

We have curated a list of 8 structures that embody culture, precision, sustainability & creativity.
Here’s a curated list of architecture marvels.

Leading Sustainable Designs

sustainable design examples

In 2024, sustainability is something we can no longer ignore. Driven by a commitment to environmental responsibility innovative solutions emerge.

Amager Bakke’s waste-to-energy plant turning trash into power, or Patagonia’s commitment to eco-friendly materials and ethical practices. A bench design that created awareness about global warming to solar panels harnessing clean energy.

A garden built with recycled plastics & waste to Tesla, leading the electric vehicle revolution, epitomizing sustainable transportation.
Here’s a list of some of the best sustainable designs.

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