Service Design 

What is
Service Design?

Service design is where designers work on creating optimal experiences & design solutions for service providers that directly or indirectly enhance end-user experience. Through service design, designers aim to create hassle-free, cohesive, & seamless experiences for service providers &  end users across unique contexts & scenarios within very specific ecosystems. In simple words, service design is all about organizing a company’s resources that align & optimize experiences for both service providers & end users. 


What are the benefits of service design?

  • Service design can be one of the biggest competitive edge you can have over your competitors.
  • By focusing on the customer journey from early on, it becomes easier & cheaper to fix issue in the beginning 
  • By viewing a service holistically, service design breaks silos within an organization
  • Unifies the “internal service” within the organization to improve the “external service” provided to the customer

Service Design v. Product Design

Service design process is where you take a service offering & improve it by making it more seamless, aligned, & efficient by keeping the customer at the core of all design & business decisions. It aims to enhance the services offered by a service provider comprehensively enabling better collaboration & smoother operations.

Product design is about designing new products (or enhancing existing ones) by performing robust user research, finding gaps & problems within this ecosystem, defining a problem statement, & building design solutions for the same. 

What are the main goals of service design?

  • Improved quality & consistency of services across all touch points
  • Improved service alignment with the business needs
  • Ensuring the 4 Ps of service design (people, processes, products, & partners) are aligned towards the organization goal
  • Streamline work processes to maximize efficiency & service quality to the customers 
  • Eliminating processes & segments that fail to add value to the end users
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