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What is
Ethnographic Research ?

Ethnographic research is a type of qualitative research method where target users are studied & observed within their own social group to get a holistic understanding of the social & cultural dynamics. Ethnographic research methods enable UX researchers to integrate & delve deeper into target users’ lives & environments to get an insider’s view of their behaviors & the reasons dictating these patterns.

Ethnographic research
in UX design

  • Direct access to users’ lives in their own environments
  • Authentic & unbiased insights, free from effects of dominant cultural implications
  • Learn about your target users first-hand
  • Realistic & accurate picture of users 
  • Holistic view of users’ lives instead of isolated one
  • Unlocks higher empathy & sensitivity for user groups concerns

How is ethnographic research conducted?

  • Core product idea, research questions, & location are finalized
  • Conducted on-site, naturalistic settings in which users reside
  • Gain permission & access to conduct user interviews
  • Facilitator/ Researcher has to spend time interacting with users in their environment 
  • Data collection is done through a variety of methods & formats – user interviews, audio/video interviews, images, etc are collected
  • Researchers observe users in their natural environment perform their daily tasks, which may or may not be directly related to the product in mind.
  • Collate all the information extracted from the above process & look for more archival information for the said target group
  • Organize all the information in a way that makes most sense for the observation done & product idea in mind, identify outliers, & compare with existing theories. 

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