Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a strategic documentation that maps out the overall vision & direction of your offering, over time, communicating clearly the “what” & the “why” of your product. A product roadmap aligns the entire team towards a shared vision along with identifying the short & long term goals & their implementation. Product roadmap also tracks the progress made at each stage of the design process & also the priorities, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. 

How to create a
product roadmap?


  • Establish product goals, initiatives & desired outcomes
  • Establish impact & success metrics
  • Make a list of all the features & releases are best aligned with the UX strategy
  • Roadmapping process depends on the audience – is it internal just for design teams or external including stakeholders
  • Make a list of all the problems you want to solve – through customer feedback, product backlog, competitor analysis, etc.
  • Set a realistic timeframe for all the tasks & decisions
  • Organize problems in high-level themes based on desired outcomes, impact metrics, & user challenges


Product roadmap &
UX strategy

  • Product roadmaps provide high-level strategic overview 
  • Helps UX team to prioritize user experience at each stage
  • Fosters effective utilization of time & resources keeping all teams aligned
  • Removes reworking on ideas as usability is made the top priority here
  • Allows everyone to be on the same page for scope, goals, deliverables, & deadlines
  • Serves as bridge between client’s UX vision & internal UX project management artifacts
  • Enlists all the UX problems & challenges that need to be addressed for designing meaningful experiences
  • Communicates the UX design process to the stakeholders, removing confusions & roadblocks. 

Product roadmap prioritization framework

A product roadmap prioritization framework enables consistent criteria setting for product/design teams to prioritize features & functionalities according to business needs. Product roadmap frameworks foster more strategic decision-making, reduce personal biases seeping in, & remove analysis-paralysis. There are several product roadmap prioritization frameworks we use including – RICE, Kano model, Story Mapping, Moscow Method, Value v Effort, & more.

Product roadmap design thinking