Multiple digital initiatives driving growth for billion dollar security enterprise


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Research, Visual Design

Empowering security enterprise through multiple digital initiatives

SIS is a Billion dollar MNC & a market leader in Security, Facility Management and Cash Logistics Solutions in India along with presence in international markets such as Australia, New Zealand, & Singapore. SIS provides security services & workforce to a diverse array of enterprises & institutions including banks, ATMs, malls, office buildings, MNCs, complexes, etc. We were approached by SIS for strategizing & designing multiple products with service design thinking frameworks & complete digital transformation of existing legacy systems. 



To digitally transform an extremely complex system with multiple products & security services facilities, enhance visibility & ease of discoverability of multiple data points for each level of SIS employees, create seamless integrations across the platform for better tracking & monitoring, enabling more efficient & smoother operations across all levels & products.


End-to-end digital transformation of leading security services enterprise through multiple digital initiatives, reimagining offline/manual processes into a single, holistic digital-first platform, empowering SIS enterprise with real-time data capture, powerful insights, better customer management, better employee tracking & management, & overall streamlined process optimization unlocking massive growth for SIS & its customers.


On-ground research with SIS employees across different levels – starting from SIS security guards to area managers to regional & state managers, getting acquainted with the entire process & workflow from the perspective of employees from different hierarchies, & identifying the role each of them play within the enterprise.


Painpoints discovered


Owing to SIS’s massive reach & service-providing capacity not just in India but in foreign markets too


From on-ground security guards to managers & executive at multiple levels operating within the enterprise


For an extremely complex & extensive platform with 1000s of workflows & varying user journeys


Reimagining an offline legacy system in a digital-first & agile ecosystem with seamless integrations


Creating a structured approach for translating all of the data points & workflows identified in the research stage into digital footprints & user journeys for different SIS employee roles & levels. Applying service design thinking frameworks & best practices for enterprise redesign & digital transformation for multiple digital platforms for SIS creating a digital-first, seamless integration of an 100% offline, physical service enterprise.

Powerful Insights

Driving team accountability & productivity off the charts

Accurate tracking

Real-time insights on workforce activities

User-Friendly Designs

Simplifying complex systems with simple navigation & dashboards


The design solution was optimized for all SIS employees, regardless of whether they had a smartphone or not. For security guards who didn’t have a smartphone, the information was made visible for them via SMS, IVRS, etc. For employees with smartphones, the app could be easily used to track all the security service providers & monitor their daily activities on-the-go.

This also included options to onboard new employees, train them, track all their customers from a specific area/region, reporting incidents, etc. The design solution also streamlined a multitude of other critical processes like handling finances & payments, distribution of items/materials to the staff, escalation management, managing different teams, all of these & more were made possible by the mobile & web app.

Visual design

Clear dashboards, real-time data capture, data visualizations, & high contrast colors enabling ease of visibility of a multitude of data points without overwhelming the users, with custom visual design language & iconography optimized for different user groups, use cases & scenarios, & screens (responsive design that works seamlessly across mobile & web).


End-to-end digital transformation for SIS, an enterprise operating strictly in the offline world, enabling massive growth in business, higher customer satisfaction, & more streamlined internal processes. We reimagined every user journey, workflow, & activity in a digital ecosystem, removing every need for manual data-entry, tracking, etc turning the entire service design seamless, accessible, & agile.

With real-time data capture, SIS employees could now service their customers better, make faster & more data-driven decisions, & enable their customers to grow & scale with top-notch security services available at every touchpoint.

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