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Reimagining biking navigation with zero distractions

TVS Motor Company is India’s 3rd largest motorcycle company, a multinational manufacturer with an annual sale of 3 million+ units. TVS Creon is the company’s soon-to-be-launched venture in the EV (electric vehicle) category with the aim of reducing carbon footprint while simultaneously reimagining biking in a thrilling yet safe & eco-conscious arena. TVS wanted us to design Creon’s vehicle dashboard interface along with the Cluster app, one that provided uninterrupted smartphone connect & zero distractions while riding.


The biggest challenge with designing a cluster app for biking navigation is that multiple notifications & calls on the smartphone can easily distract the rider which makes biking unsafe. Not to mention frequent disconnections with the smartphones can also bring in lag with the navigation.


Futuristic tech that keeps your bike & smartphone in constant touch via the Cluster app, with zero calls & notifications during the ride time ensuring minimal distractions to the rider, along with a host of other delightful features such as traffic snapshot, carbon emission reduced, & streetlight connect, helping build an eco-friendly mindset without compromising on the thrill of riding.


Extensive R&D across biking navigation patterns, reimagining the navigation experience & design for TVS Creon Electric Bike.

Painpoints discovered

Distractions &

Constant notifications & calls on the smartphone distract the rider making riding unsafe


Too many data points & information on the dashboard can overwhelm the rider


Focus during biking becomes difficult if the cluster app & dashboard are not optimized for snapshot-view


We decided to add clear cut dashboard views, snapshots of the nearby traffic area, & share bite-sized information with the riders at all times, with zero disconnect & zero notifications on the cluster app/smartphones when the biker is riding.

In order to showcase how much carbon footprint the rider reduced by choosing an electric bike as compared to a normal bike, we also added information on carbon footprint reduced. We made sure the rider is aware of the traffic scenario along the area they are riding across. We also included the option for the rider to check their biking stats anytime, anywhere on the app.

TVS creon electric bike design

Zero Distractions

No calls, no messages, no notifications during the ride

TVS Creon UI UX design

Count your carbon

Insights on carbon footprint reduced with each ride

Vehicle dashboard design UI UX

Uninterrupted connect

Between smartphone & the bike


A biker-friendly interface that simplifies navigating through complex maps, TVS Cluster redefined the complete biking experience. Riders can recap & review their riding experience from anywhere & see how much carbon footprint they reduced by opting for an electric vehicle. During the ride, the Cluster App removes all calls, messages, & other notifications from the screen, showing only the navigation routes for keeping the rider focused on the road. Another delightful feature of the TVS Creon cluster app is that it can “talk” to the nearby streetlights & get you a traffic snapshot.

Visual design

Contextual & effective custom iconography that delights but never distracts. We made sure high visibility of small, bite-sized information through use of high contrast colors & dark mode. Easy-to-read data visualizations & graphs, along with customized iconography made the experience user-friendly, accessible, & convenient for all types of riders.

The Outcomes

A futuristic, uninterrupted, & zero-disconnect mobile & cluster app for TVS Creon Electric bike, that makes biking navigation safe, smart, & even eco-conscious. With a range of advanced, state-of-the-art features this app is optimized to help the riders cruise safely through streets, get real time traffic snapshots, keep a track of carbon footprint reduced, sans any lag or notifications from the phone.

Our design-thinking led venture enabled us create safe biking experience by designing intuitive interfaces that provide real-time data on biking conditions, navigation assistance, and safety alerts. Through thoughtful user-centered design, we ensured easy accessibility, clear visualizations, and seamless interactions, promoting safe and enjoyable biking journeys.

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