What is
a brand illustration system?

A brand illustration system refers to a collection of illustrative images with a consistent mood & visual style that mirrors the brand’s promise to its users.  Brand illustrations add layers of human touch to a digital interface thus making the interface design more realistic, intuitive, & even personalized.


What is the importance of illustrations in design?

Illustrations are an essential ingredient in the success of most digital products, especially in the B2C realm because they 

  • Reimagine complex ideas in a  delightfully simple manner 
  • Are a powerful tool for decreasing cognitive load 
  • Convey abstract & nuanced ideas visually 
  • Elevate the level of your content by grabbing user attention
  • Help build a unique & powerful brand identity 
  • Custom illustrations showcase your care towards your users 
  • Humanizes & softens the brand making it more relatable 
  • Increases aesthetic appeal & usability of your product 
  • Makes it easy to digitally scale up your product 

How can custom illustrations help your brand stand out?

Custom illustrations, aka, illustrations created specifically for your brand/business is a core element of strategic branding wherein you create a strong brand image by visually communicating complex & nuanced ideas through illustrations.

Custom illustrations can create as much brand recall & recognition as brand logos & can help you stand out from your competitors. Custom illustrations can be used across a diverse range of business & marketing collaterals to reinforce your brand – starting from website/app, social media, infographics, emails, print collaterals, etc. 


How are illustrations & icons created for your brand?

A brand illustration system that includes custom illustrations & iconography created specifically for your business requires the following 

  • Strong grasp of the business, its industry & geography, the users – their needs, expectations, & behaviors, & finally the product offerings.
  • Brand tone, identity, & image – how does the the brand/company aim to communicate itself to its target users to build trust
  • What type of illustrations would best serve the need – icon illustrations, full frame illustrations, etc 
  • How to create a distinct yet flexible brand illustration style that can also be used when the brand scales up, expands, or even moves into new territories
  • A consistent design language & style not to mention the right color palette that goes with the rest of the brand colors
  • Joy, delight, & intuition – these three are the key emotions that should be evoked among the target user group to ensure that the brand illustration system is working as per the business needs. 


Illustrations in UI design